About Us

Flooring Elegance is family run business specialising in bespoke wood flooring and restoration projects.

We collaborate with our clients to create luxury interiors using new and reclaimed Flooring, parquetry &, paneling

With over 15 years in business and 20 years’ experience in the flooring industry.

We have established our commitment to providing excellent quality products within all project budgets.

We are constantly souring new and innovative products from around the world.

With the ever changing and advancements within the flooring industry we believe it is vital to be always improving both our products but also our services.

We have a great passion for our reclaimed flooring and paneling with the fabulous character and history a reclaimed flooring is beautiful is addition to any household.

We also offer a complete installation service and work closely with our finishing team to ensure the bespoke finish is matched to our client’s requirements.

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